Operating Lease (Rental Program)

  • We Lease Directly – No Third Parties
  • Easy Application Process
  • Customer Services
  • Option to Purchase the Equipment at Anytime
  • Ability to Cancel the Lease at Anytime
  • Options Include:
    • 3 month lease agreement with $1,000 down-payment = $3,333.33/mo
    • 6 month lease agreement with $2,000 down payment = $1,666.67/mo
    • 12 month lease agreement with $3,000 down payment = $833.33/mo

Definition: An operating lease is a short-term lease or contract in which the lessee agrees to rent an asset from the lessor and the lessor retains the rights of ownership. In other words, an operating lease is a lease that is less than one year in length and the lessor always maintains ownership of the leased asset. At the end of the lease agreement the lessee has the option to purchase the leased asset at discount.

Please fill in your contact information below and we will send you a lease agreement for you to review and sign. We will then contact you to set up your payment plan. Thanks

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